Rafael Nadal Stars In Poker Charity Tournament

Rafael Nadal PokerStarsWhile poker has a bad reputation for many people in the United States, there is no doubt that it can do a lot of good. Poker can be a great special tool, giving people the chance to spend time with others and to meet folk of a similar nature. There is also the fact that all around the world, there are numerous poker events and tournaments being played to raise money for charitable causes. In these tough economic times, people are struggling but many charities re struggling as well. This is why big poker events which create awareness and raise funds for charitable events are well worth looking out for.

There may not be many options for online poker United States players to support local or major charities, but there should be more in years to come. The importance and popularity of these events can be seen with the recent success had by Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal.

Nadal was taking part in the EPT Charity Challenge, which was held in Prague in Europe and he managed to win the tournament! This meant that he won a grand total of €50,000 for charity, which is always a big feat. With respect to the poker element, Rafa may take more pleasure in beating a line-up that included Daniel Negreanu. A stellar line-up is always going to be good for charities but it seemed that poker was the winner with a number of top players on the bill at the event.

While Rafa Nadal will rightly get the plaudits and praise for winning the tournament, he wasn’t the only sports star to get involved. 2014 may be a world cup year, but a few former football stars who knew a thing or two about success got involved with the tournament. Brazilian legend Ronaldo, not the current Ronaldo scoring foals for fun for Real Madrid, also played in the tournament and he managed to finish in fifth place. This is a highly respectable finish and he managed to win €5,000 for his chosen charity. Former Ukrainian and European legend Andriy Shevchenko was also part of the event.

Rafael Nadal is a winner in most things he does in life

Rafael Nadal PokerIn an interview after his win, Nadal said; “I had fun. I had a great experience here playing with friends, playing for a good cause, for charity. The next thing I know is that tomorrow morning I will be on court at 9am practising tennis.” Understandably, Nadal was asked how poker compared to tennis, and he said; “Well, it’s different.  We are playing for a good cause and that always makes an event special. But obviously the pressure, in my case, is completely different between when I’m playing in a professional tennis tournament and what I’m playing today. For me, it’s a big honour to be playing with all these stars around me. I want to be competitive. It’s my first live poker tournament and that’s made me feel a little bit nervous.”

He may have been nervous but winning the tournament shows that he has the skills to help go a long way. Rafa (follow him on Twitter) will be hoping that he has plenty of years left in his tennis career but when that is finished and he still craves an environment where he can use his skills in front of a watching crowd, you may find that he turns his attention to poker in a more serious nature. There were concerns when Nadal was being utilised by PokerStars that it was his name they were more interested in but it definitely seems as though there is a big poker player in the Spaniard!

Latest News on the World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker
World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is probably the best known of all the poker tournaments in the world. The tournament’s fame is hardly surprising when you consider its scale. Over 6,350 players participated in the 2013 tournament main events, and the final promises an overall prize in excess of $8.3 million.

Not just the richest but also the longest-running poker tournament, the WSOP has come a long way from humble beginnings as a challenge to the seven best players in the United States in 1970. For interested poker fans, a history of the World Series of Poker is available at Poker.bovada.lv/wsop for those who want to learn more about the expansion of the tournament.

WSOP 2012 winner, Greg Merson, arrived with no bracelets and just two WSOP cashes to his name. Having been down early in the main event to just 50,000 chips, he recovered to make the final and take the prize of $8.5 million and a champion’s bracelet. Merson is not amongst the 2013 November Nine finalists, but his 2012 performance is an inspiration to any poker player.

The 2013 WSOP main event took place in Paradise, Nevada between May 29th and July 15th. With 62 bracelet events attracting a total of 79,471 entries, it culminated in the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event. This 10-day event, running from July 6th to 15th and offering a total prize pool of $59,708,800, drew 6,352 players and whittled them down to just 9. The finalists, drawn from five countries, meet in November to decide the overall victor. You can find more details at the WSOP Facebook page.

The Main Event Final Table will be played on November 4th and 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Play starts at 5.30 PM Pacific Time (8.30 PM Eastern). The finalists will share a prize pool of $26,662,046, with the winner walking away with $8,359,531. Even a ninth-place finish nets $733,224. It’s astounding to think that a journey to play for such prizes could start out with a $1.10 buy-in to play online poker in a Bovada qualifier game.

The chip leader going into the final is the Californian, J.C. Tran. Holding 38 million chips, Tran has also won two World Series of Poker bracelets. Tran is more than 8 million chips ahead of his nearest rival, Amir Lehavot of Israel. Lehavot is the only other finalist to hold a WSOP bracelet. Next in the chip stakes is the Canadian, Marc McLaughlin. A native of Quebec, like 2010 winner Jonathan Duhamel, McLaughlin came into the 2012 event with six WSOP cashes and holds 26,525,000 chips.

The American Jay Farber (25,975,000 chips) and the Frenchman Sylvain Loosli (19,600,000) both arrive at the final with no World Series bracelets, cashes or earnings to their name. Indeed, Farber’s earnings of just over $2,000 are the lowest of any November Nines finalist ever. Loosli lists only slightly higher earnings than Farber, but he is an online specialist with over $1 million in online wins. A win for Loosli would be a good demonstration of how online play can offer useful preparation for high-pressure, single-table finals. Another American, Ryan Riess, has somewhat higher live earnings of $30,569 but arrives with just 25,875,000 chips.

Michiel Brummelhuis
Michiel Brummelhuis

Michiel Brummelhuis is the first player from the Netherlands to reach the WSOP Main Event Final. He arrives with 11,275,000 chips and stands to double his career earnings with an excellent 2013. The fourth of five Americans amongst the November Nine is Mark Newhouse, who brings 7,350,000 chips to the table and has over $2 million in winnings from live poker tournaments. The shortest stack at the final table will be the 6,375,000 held by the fifth American finalist, David Benefield, a part-time student at Columbia University in New York.

The WSOP Main Event Final attracts good television coverage, but if watching isn’t enough and you want to get in on the action, the best place to begin is with a poker download from Bovada. You can also check the WSOP schedule atBovada for qualification games and other information. More information about other popular poker news and promotions can be found here.

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Play Free Poker

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World Series of Poker

One of the things that so many people love about the WSOP is that normal, online poker players can aspire to be a part of it, and actually be a part of it just by playing – and winning – online poker. Maybe the beginnings are small, but with time and practice, you might find that one day, you’re packing your bags to be in Vegas for the big event.

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No matter whether you’re a beginner, or you’ve been playing for a while, the WSOP is one of the most exciting poker events out there. It’s where real people take their on- and offline poker playing skills and put them to the test for amazing prizes, notoriety and a nice, fat payout at the end of the event.

Play Free Poker.org is your source for all things WSOP, so why not stop in and see what you can learn about this event? You may be surprised at how much you find.

WSOP Winners Since 1970

Of all the poker tournaments throughout the world, the one that every poker player dreams of winning is the WSOP. Every year poker players from around the world have gathered in Las Vegas to compete for the chance to be named the World Champion of Poker. Several events are held during the series, and a bracelet is awarded to the winner of each event, but the most watched, well known, and coveted prize of all events is the main event of no limit Texas Hold-em.

Since 1976 the WSOP bracelet has been the most coveted prize in the world of poker, and in the last two decades, thousands of players have signed up with the dream of going home wearing this prestigious prize. Those who have won the bracelet have had their names go down in poker history. For those who are interested in the history of the World Series of Poker, we’ve compiled a list of the winners of the main event every year since the WSOP was first played in 1970 as well as the grand prize amount.

Year Player Winnings Year Player Winnings
1970 Johnny Moss Awarded by player vote 1971 Johnny Moss $30,000
1972 Amarillo Slim Preston $80,000 1973 Puggy Pearson $130,000
1974 Johnny Moss $160,000 1975 Sailor Roberts $210,000
1976 Doyle Brunson $220,000 1977 Doyle Brunson $340,000
1978 Bobby Baldwin $210,000 1979 Hal Fowler $270,000
1980 Stu Ungar $385,000 1981 Stu Ungar $375,000
1982 Jack Strauss $520,000 1983 Tom McEvoy $580,000
1984 Jack Keller $660,000 1985 Bill Smith $700,000
1986 Berry Johnston $570,000 1987 Johnny Chan $625,000
1988 Johnny Chan $700,000 1989 Phil Hellmuth Jr. $755,000
1990 Mansour Matloubi $895,000 1991 Brad Daugherty $1,000,000
1992 Hamid Dastmalchi $1,000,000 1993 Jim Bechtel $1,000,000
1994 Russ Hamilton $1,000,000 1995 Dan Harrington $1,000,000
1996 Huck Seed $1,000,000 1997 Stu Ungar $1,000,000
1998 Scotty Nguyen $1,000,000 1999 J. J. “Noel” Furlong $1,000,000
2001 Carlos Mortensen $1,500,000 2002 Robert Varkonyi $2,000,000
2003 Chris Moneymaker $2,500,000 2004 Greg Raymer $5,000,000
2005 Joe Hachem $7,500,000 2006 Jamie Gold $12,000,000
2007 Jerry Yang $8,250,000 2008 Peter Eastgate $9,119,517
2009 Joe Cada $8,546,435 2010 Jonathan Duhamel $8,944,138

The prize for each event is determined by the number of participants and is split up among the top players, the grand prize of course, going to the winner and World Champion of poker every year.

If you like to stay up-to-date during this years WSOP, I suggest you visit FastEmpire.net and sign-up for their RSS feed. Their blog is regularly updated with news and promotions, including items about the World Series of Poker.

The Most Famous Poker Tournament in the World

World Series of Poker
World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker, (WSOP) is unarguably the most well known poker tournament in the world. Players from across the world qualify for cheap on poker sites and travel to Las Vegas to participate in this event seeking to claim the coveted WSOP bracelet as their own, not to mention the multi-million dollar grand prize. But the WSOP isn’t about the money… well… ok yes it is. Who doesn’t want to win seven figures for playing poker? However, professional poker players can do that on high stakes poker tables filled with rich flounders just as easily. For the pros, the WSOP is about being the best in the world, winning the bracelet. Every poker player dreams of owning the WSOP championship bracelet, and making your way through the thousands of entrants who register to play in the World Series every year is no easy task. The winner of this tournament truly deserves the title of World Champion.

The WSOP was born in 1970 when the owner of the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, Benny Binion invited seven of the best known poker players to showdown at his casino to decide once and for all who was the best. The seven players were the famous Doyle Brunson, Carl Cannon, Puggy Pearson, Johnny Moss, Crandell Addington, Sailor Roberts, and “Amarillo Slim” Preston. The tournament was set to take place for a specific period of time, after which the players would vote by secret ballot for who among them was the best. Each player was asked to cast two votes, the first vote being for the best player at the table, the next for the second best. As the story goes, each player voted for himself in the first vote, and Johnny Moss was voted as second best. Johnny Moss was declared the winner of the tournament, awarded a silver cup trophy, and became the first World Series of Poker champion. It wasn’t until 1976 that the WSOP bracelet was introduced as the trophy for winning the tournament, and has since become the most coveted prize in the world of poker.

These days the WSOP consists of almost 60 events, and each a different variation of poker, and each awarding a bracelet to the winner. Numerous of online poker sites run WSOP satellites between the months of  January and July, when the prestigious main event begins, still (and likely always will be) the cut throat, heavy swinging game of No Limit Texas Hold-em, widely considered the ultimate poker game in the world of poker. The winner of this event is crowned the World Champion of poker.