Titan Poker Bonus

The official Titan Poker bonus is somewhat average, but thanks to EuroParters.com, I am able to offer you an improved bonus for your first deposit at Titan Poker. Now, if you are ready to play poker for real money, or if you are a poker player that just likes to give another poker room (Titan Poker… duh) a shot, then keep on reading my advice how to make most out of your sign-up bonus.

First of all, let me tell you exactly what you can expect when signing-up using one of the links to Titan Poker that you can find all over my site. The improved bonus is 200% up to $2000 PLUS $20 free <- That is instant poker money my friend! Simply spoken, this means that you can get 100% more than usual PLUS $20 on top of that, which you can use for playing poker once your account is verified, if you register following one of the links on my site 🙂

There are two things you can do.

First, you can choose to deposit the bare minimum and get $20 free. The minimum deposit allowed is $20 – so technically you’ll get $40 to play with. BUT… this is a complete waste of your first deposit bonus IMO!!!

Second, and according to myself the most clever one of the two, you can make a deposit of $1000 (if you have enough funds that is) to get the full first deposit bonus assigned to your account. This way, you don’t have to worry about loosing the right to a nice welcome bonus PLUS you still get that $20 free. Remember, if you don’t like to play at Titan Poker after all, you can always withdrawal your initial deposited amount of money.

I think the second makes perfect sense, what about you?

Titan Poker Welcome Bonus Details

Titan Poker BonusOk, let’s sum up the most important details about Titan Poker’s first deposit bonus. I have consulted the Titan Poker website to verify my bonus review, rely on my own experience and have been in touch with some people I know that also play at Titan Poker.

The poker bonus I’m talking about is 200% up to $2000. I know that I have already mentioned it above, but I really like to emphasize that it’s 100% higher than average. This is absolutely a fine bonus for all players at all levels. Yes, of course you can find higher bonuses (up to $5000 even) if you Google the web, but there are usually so many restrictions for the poker bonuses you’ll find that they look much better than they actually are. I always say, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true.

Let’s continue to focus on the welcome bonus offered by Titan Poker, one of the easiest poker rooms. The type of bonus is a so called incremental bonus, which means that the bonus is split-up in chunks of $5 and clears (releases into your players account) each time you have earned 300 Titan Points (you can read more about Titan Points, Titan Poker’s equivalent for action points, in my article about the Titan Poker VIP Club). In other words, you will be rewarded with $5 for reaching 300 Titan Points.

Instant Poker Bonus of $20

Next to the enhanced incremental bonus, you are offered an instant bonus of $20. This is additional to everything you have just read about, keep that in mind.

An instant poker bonus generally means the same as free poker money. You can use it as soon as your account is verified. The only difference between free poker money and an instant poker bonus is that an instant poker bonus requires a deposit. If you don’t care about first deposit bonus offers (and thus are willing to waste a nice opportunity), but would like to get Titan Poker’s instant bonus of $20, then making the bare minimum deposit of $20 is enough.

Clearing the Titan Poker Bonus

I told you this before as well, I know… If you are clever (and have sufficient money to spend) you will make a first deposit of $1000, so you’ll get the full Titan Poker bonus worth $2000 assigned to your players account. Now, to clear the entire bonus you will need $2000 / $5 * 300 Titan Points = 120,000 Titan Points and they give you exactly 60 days to do so, which begin right after your first time deposit.