Suárez Adds Some Bite To 888 Poker

Luis Suárez 888 PokerWhen it comes to promoting online poker sites, many companies are going down the route of having a poker ambassador. This is a big name person, someone with a profile and it is quite common for them to be a sporting star. This makes sense as there is a good deal of crossover between the sports and poker so a site can boost their profile a great deal by getting the right person in.

Sometimes, especially with poker, it helps having someone with a bit of edge. It is not as if poker is illegal or unwholesome but there is definitely something about poker that stands it apart from plenty if other activities. This is why plenty of poker sites are interested in having an ambassador who has an edge to them and when it comes to characters, there are few bigger or more controversial than Luis Suárez.

What does the future hold for Suárez?

888 Poker, the site that is deemed to be the second biggest poker site in the world, has signed up Luis Suárez as their global ambassador. Real Madrid are allegedly hot on the heels of the Liverpool FC striker but it seems as though the poker site has beat them to the punch. With the Uruguayan striker heading to the World Cup, and then maybe Spain before the start of the new season, this could be the ideal time to strike this deal with Suárez. He could be in line for a lot of exposure and this means that the 888 Poker site may be lining up for some very welcome exposure from this deal.

Whether he stays with Liverpool or heads to Madrid, you can be that Suárez will not be short of money, even if he does need cash to shell out on fines. He is clearly the sort of person that has enough cash to enjoy real money online poker but now that he holds an ambassador role for 888 Poker, he won’t have to. The Liverpool fanbase has emphatically got behind Suárez, so you can expect them to take an interest in this but Suárez is a player that many other fans dislike so this may not be the brilliant success with football fans that 888 Poker are hoping for. The site is aiming for success with the player at the world cup and he will be a keen contributor to the site developing their presence in areas like America and South America.

There are definitely less controversial players that 888 Poker could have signed up but there is no denying that Luis Suárez is an excellent footballer.

Thinking of Joining WPT Poker? The Bonus Code Can Make it Easier than Ever

If you’re a poker player, you’re probably wondering what might be the best site to play on. This is no surprise because even if you have been playing for a while, a new site means that you have to learn the way the games are played, the points are earned and the money is won. You don’t have to worry about becoming familiar with WPT online poker because this site is easy to use and when you use the WPT Poker promotion code, you’re going to find that it’s easier than ever to not only get started playing, but that the site is easy to understand and enjoy.

Okay, so you might be wondering what makes this online poker site so much different, but you probably know how many pros participate in the WPT events, which means that even if you’re really, really good, you’ll be playing games against others that are right at your level. This not only makes the game worth playing, but it increases your chances for some really substantial winnings. Add points to your account and before you know it, you’ll have more in your bankroll, which means less money comes from your pocket to play – and everyone knows that playing with free money is the most fun of all.

So, maybe you’re not a poker great yet. No problem, because when you use the WPT Poker bonus code, you’re going to be able to learn to be a better player through real games that you don’t have to finance, but you’re going to love all of the information you get from this site. Whether you’re feeling like joining into one of the many different kinds of games that WPT Poker offers, or you’re thinking of educating yourself and learning more about one of the many pros who have played on this site, this is the way that true poker players will play.

Not to mention the promotions that WPT Poker offers. Sure, they will say that they don’t go overboard on promotions, but you’re going to find that there are plenty to go around, so whether you’re enjoying the WPT Poker promotion code or you’re choosing to take advantage of the freeroll giveaways, or taking part in the play less win more promotion, this is the site to offer all of it.

So, if you’re wondering what the WPT Poker promotion code is then you’re in luck: WPTCODE. Just enter it when you make your first deposit and you’ll enjoy a 100% match for your deposit – up to $100. So, you’ll not only get to enjoy the benefit of a free bankroll, when you make a deposit, but your points turn into more bankroll and that means that you’ll play with less of your own money.

Why not play on an online poker site that is really what you want? When it comes to online poker, there is no better way to play than with a site that offer so many options for playing and learning, as well as a first deposit bonus for WPT Poker to get you started. Now this is what online poker was meant to be.

Mansion Poker Review

The Mansion brand has a great deal of respectability in the online gaming market and any site of there is considered to be of good quality. The Mansion Poker site manages to keep this run going and if you are familiar with any other Mansion site; you will find the poker site easy to use and full of great poker options.

Promotions can make all the difference for new players

Mansion Poker

New player promotions are always of interest when people are considering joining up with a new site and Mansion Poker provide some solid ones. The 100% welcome bonus goes all the way up to $500, so if a new player is planning on playing big money, they can receive up to $500 free. Regular play is also encouraged at Mansion Poker because for every 500 points a player earns on the site, $5 of their online poker bonus is released as cash. A great number of players are unhappy about the little genuine value of their bonus but Mansion Poker provides the opportunity to turn the bonus into cash.

The promotions available at Mansion Poker also provide players with the chance to win a place at some of the world’s biggest poker tournaments. For online poker players, the chance to earn a seat at a major poker event is a massive thrill and can be seen as something that is even better than a big cash prize. Being put up in a hotel, being sponsored into the tournament and having some spending money to enjoy the free time is an amazing promotion and one that will keep all good poker players excited about using the site.

If you are looking for a genuine poker bonus, the Mansion Poker site should have plenty on offer for everyone.

Poker players always get more games with the download option

To access the games at Mansion Poker, a player is required to download software to gain access to the games. This is something that some poker players are wary of but there is a poker bonus in store for all downloaders with a huge array of poker games. Downloading definitely provides more poker options than an instant play site can offer and Mansion Poker comes up trumps with these games.

The site also offers a number of customisable features which should ensure every player can enjoy poker the way they like and the Quick Seat option means players can choose which games of poker they like playing the best and navigate their way to them directly.

The Mansion Poker site has a lot to live up to with regards the other Mansion gaming sites but the poker options appears to be as strong. With a wide range of poker bonus incentives and a huge range of games to enjoy, poker players should find plenty to like and enjoy at Mansion Poker.

Absolute Poker is an Absolute Winner for New and Experienced Players

Given that there are so many online poker sites available, it can be hard to stand out. It seems that most sites are now attempting to provide a solid and reliable service and then hope they have something in their favour which brings new players to them. Absolute Poker is a site that does all the basics right and may have a trick or two up its sleeve to draw you in to becoming a regular player.

When it comes to opening bonuses, there isn’t much to choose from between many poker sites but gaining an opening bonus of 150% is always a good start. If you are going to be playing online poker, getting extra money to play with is always a bonus.

Standard terms and conditions apply

The majority of players are well aware of the conditions that are attached to these opening bonuses but as long as you know the rules, you can make the most of this free opportunity. This bonus is just one of the many promotions available on site and if you need any further encouragement to join up with Absolute Poker, an Absolute Poker referral code could provide all the encouragement you could ever want or need.

Some poker players retain an aversion to downloading software to their computer so it is good to see that Absolute Poker provides the opportunity to play online without having to download. There is a download facility available for those that want all the features but for those that like simplicity about their poker play and no worries about downloading software, Absolute Poker has you covered. There is also a Mac version so all you Apple users can play to your hearts content as well.

Get to know the rules of the games

If you are new to online poker or want to brush up on your knowledge of certain games, there are a great set of rules and player guides available on the Absolute Poker site. These rules are squarely aimed at the novice player and provide all the information you need in a language you will understand. It can be difficult to get up to speed with much of the poker chat on site but the glossary and terms will have you talking like a professional in no time at all.

And when you do develop an understanding of poker, where better to test yourself in one of the many tournaments that Absolute Poker provides for their members? Whether it is a weekly tournament or one of the more special events, put your poker skill to the test and see if you have the beating of other players. Winning money is good when playing poker but sometimes a great deal of fun comes from interacting and defeating other players.