Party Poker Makes “World Domination” Real

“World Domination” has been the dream of some and a few countries have achieved it. At least they have for a while. Plus, there are countries, companies and individuals who have dominated the world in a host of ways. The Beatles did so in pop music, China is presently doing so in exports and the former Soviet Union used to be the dominant the medal categories of the Winter Olympics. Rodgers and Hammerstein dominated the Broadway stage for more than 20 years and Pelé was the dominant football player of his generation.

Party Poker has a new promotion that gives poker players a chance at world domination. Their “World Domination” promotion, which is one of many currently running, awards cities and eventually countries to players who collect Party Points. Collect 10 Party Points and a player gets a city. Take over four cities in a country and the player then dominates that country.

Accumulating Points

Players don’t have to win to get points; they just have to play. Players receive two points for every dollar of a rake or dollar paid per buy-in. Play cash games and watch your points build up quickly. The higher the stakes, the more quickly your points will accumulate. Players attempt top master countries and continents. If they keep collecting cities, countries and continents, they could be the big winner.

Cash Prizes

Achieve world domination, that is control all 72 countries in the game by winning a total of 288 cities, and you have not only won the World Domination promotion but you’ve earned a prize worth $100,000. The deadline to achieve world domination is December 30, 2011.

By the way, when you dominate a country, you can elect to receive a cash prize or you may decide to continue in your quest to win the World Domination promotion. It’s totally up to you.

Other Ways to Win

There are other ways to win. Certain cities carry an extra award, almost like a bounty. As an example if you’re awarded London, you get $8.00 added to your account. Get Newcastle and you can play in a $3,000 freeroll. By the way, there is no way to predict what cities a player will win and in what order. Also, the same player may conquer the same city numerous times.

What happens if you win six Newcastles? A player may only earn one entry into the freeroll. Thus, if you get the same city numerous times, you’ll be awarded five extra Party Points for each additional win. Get Newcastle six times and you’re awarded one freeroll and 25 extra Party Points. The freeroll tournaments associated with the promo will be played from January 4 through 9, 2012.

The Skinny on Winning

If you play a decent amount, you should be able to qualify for some valuable prizes. Countries are worth cash. To conquer England, a player needs London, Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester. Together those four cities are worth $1,500. If you’re able to dominate all of Europe, you’ll receive $5,200 plus a bonus of $20,000. By the way, if a player conquers the U.S., they receive just $300. That’s quite distant from the prize amount for England.

Is there more than one $100,000 prize? That’s hard to say because it’s not clearly stated. But prizes must be limited to a degree since the terms and conditions do state that the promotional contest can end before December 30, 2011. How many cities can one player collect in a day? The answer is 100. Of course that’s difficult to achieve when it comes to conquering 100 different cities since repeats are bound to occur.

Getting Started

For those looking to get started, it’s simple. If you don’t already have a Party Poker account, you’ll need to establish one. New players can earn a 100% bonus on first time deposits up to $/€/£500.00. When making your deposit be sure to use the bonus code “PARTYBEST” from After that making your deposit, play for cash or in tournaments and earn Party Points. Players redeem their points in order to get the bonus. Thus, these days are especially rich for players at Party Poker as they can win World Domination, take down poker pots and also earn points towards a matching first deposit bonus.