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Online poker players probably depend as much on a great poker review site as they do on their favorite poker sites to enjoy great game play, bonuses and so much more.  Without a top notch, honest place to get reviews, players often find that they are just wandering around in the world of online poker, wondering where they should go for their next great tournament. knows what it takes to be a great poker review site and they know that it’s about so much more than just honest reviews.

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For the players that love to know all of the odds of every game, the completely free odds calculator is going to be an indispensable tool.  This download allows players to easily see what the pot odds, outs and possibilities are instantly.  It offers the statistics in real time as overlays on the table, so players can see what their opponents are facing as the game is being played.  Players will also love the hand replay option so that leaks are easily spotted.  This tool can help players to have the edge when it comes to their poker games and enjoy playing the game so much more.

Play Poker OnlineIf you’re a player in the United States, you’re probably wondering which sites are the best ones for your needs now.  There have been so many regulation changes that it can be tough for an online poker player in the United States to find a site that is legal, and still fun to enjoy.  The staff at knows that it’s been challenging for US players and they want to make it easier than ever to find that perfect online poker site right from the beginning.  This is why they’ve focused an entire section on the US legal poker sites and the reviews of them.

For those poker players that have a Mac, it’s also been a challenge to enjoy playing the game the way you can with a pc, but now with the help of, even Mac players can find out everything they need to know about the best online poker sites and options for poker with an Apple product.  There are many different options that Mac owners might not have considered, and this is the site to learn about all of them.

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