iPhone Gambling, is It Really Safe?

Few things have become a greater concern in the technological age than security. You can hardly read the newspaper (online, most likely) or watch the news without hearing something about identity theft. Even if you have the most secure spam filters, chances are that something has gotten through to your inbox trying to phish for details about your personal identity. You’re constantly warned by your bank, local police, and family and friends about the dangers of identity theft, and how it can now happen any time, any where. Does this mean that the internet is unsafe? What about iPhone gambling, or other apps that transfer money or have access to your personal data? In this time of security concerns, what is really safe?

It’s true that hackers are omnipresent on the internet, and that this now extends to smartphones, due to their internet capabilities. Most hackers, however, are probably not particularly interested in you. The vast majority of people can chat, surf the web, and play games from the comfort of their phones without ever having to worry about security, because the people who make the phones (in this case, specifically Apple and Google) are the absolute best at keeping you and your information safe. iPhone gambling may seem riskier, because you’re inputting banking information (if you’re playing for real money stakes), but in truth, it’s no riskier gambling from your iPhone than it is checking your bank account from home– it’s actually probably a little safer. Not only is the operating system on your phone designed to give you added security, but the sites that offer iPhone gambling apps have been around for some time, and they have therefore had plenty of time to perfect their encryption and keep predators at bay. These sites deal with millions of dollars in transactions daily, and they have the very best security and staff to make sure that all their transactions are safe– yours included. While no fortress is truly impenetrable, these sites have the resources to make sure that their security evolves faster than hacking technology.

The simple fact of the matter is this: if you’re careful with your personal details, follow basic security protocols, and realize that the email that you’ve received from a Nigerian prince who needs a little monetary help is, in fact, just a scam, then you’ll probably be safe, regardless of whether you’re using iPhone gambling apps or just turning on your phone to look for directions.